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Frederick Stroehmann put his family values into baking bread the old-fashioned, Pennsylvania Dutch way: packing it with freshness, great taste and nutrition. These Stroehmann standards have been passed down to generations of proud bakers who continue to bake in this tradition.
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H&S Bakery was incorporated in 1962, setting its sights on the rapidly growing foodservice industry in which it plays a dominant role today. In 1965, the Athena Automatic Rolls division opened as the company's first fully automated roll plant, which eventually grew into the multi-state Northeast Foods division that specializes in fast casual dining services.
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H112 Tray 3 D's
H099 #2 Wheat Bread
H098 #2 White Bread
H111 Raisin Bread
H100 Club White
H101 Club Wheat
H102 Dog Rolls
H103 Hamburger Rolls
H104 Texas Toast
H105 English Muffins
H106 Wheat Pita
H107 Case Bread Cubes
H108 5" Hamburger Pillow Pack
H110 6 Pack Seeded Hamburger
R1005 12 Pack Sesame Hamburger
R1006 16 Pack Hot Dog
R1008 Gourmet Rye