Baker Street was created to put the flavor-and heart-back into bread.
We give our breads all the time they need to develop their full flavors and characters. Sometimes it takes all day and night. But that’s okay, the wait is well worth it.
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B001 French Baguette
B002 French Boule
B003 Italian Rustic
B003S Italian Rustic Sliced
B005 Old World Rye 21oz
B006 Hearty Whole Wheat
B008 Sourdough
B008S Sourdough sliced
B009 1.5 LB. Multigrain Loaf
B009S Multigrain Loaf Sliced
B010 Sesame Wheat & Honey
B010S Sesame Wheat & Honey Loaf Sliced
B011 Raisin Walnut Loaf
B011S Raisin Walnut Sliced
B021 Ciabatta
B022 Pumpernickel Round (21 oz.)
B025 Braided Challah 21oz
B026 Raisin Challah 21oz
B030 Sesame Baguette
B031 Multigrain Baguette
B034 Francaise
B103 Sesame Wheat & Honey Dinner Rolls
B104 French Dinner Rolls
B106 Multigrain Dinner Rolls
B107 Raisin Walnut Dinner Roll
B108 Traditional White Sandwich Roll
B109 Traditional Seeded Sandwich Roll
B111 Multigrain Ciabattini
B115 Ciabattini
B116 Onion Ciabattini
B124 Brioche Hot dog Bun 3.1oz
B126 Brioche Slider Rolls
B130 8" Hoagie roll
B131 12" Hoagie roll
B133 Brioche Burger Bun
B135 8" Whole Wheat Hoagie
B136 12" Whole Wheat Hoagie
B143 Onion Poppy Brioche Bun
B144 Sesame Brioche Buns
B154 Crab Cake Brioche Rolls
B155 Crabcake Brioche w/Onion Poppy
B201 2 LB. Country White Loaf
B201S 2 LB. Country White Pullman Sliced
B201T 2 Lb Country White Pullman Thick Sliced
B202 2 LB. Multigrain Loaf
B202S 2 LB. Multigrain Pullman Sliced
B203 2 LB. Sesame Honey Loaf
B203S 2 LB. Sesame Honey Pullman Sliced
B203T 2 LB Sesame Honey Pullman Thick Sliced
B204 2 LB. Hearty Whole Wheat Loaf
B204S 2 LB. Hearty Whole Wheat Sliced
B204T 2 Lb. Whole Wheat Thick Sliced
B205 2 LB. Sourdough Pullman Loaf
B205S 2 LB. Sourdough Pullman Sliced
B219 Brioche Pullman Solid
B219S Brioche Pullman Sliced
B219T Brioche Pullman Thick Sliced
B220d Chocolate Chip Brioche**Special Order**
B220T Chocolate Chip Brioche Thk Sliced**Special Order**
B301 3 LB. Sourdough Sandwich Loaf
B301S 3 LB. Sourdough Sandwich Loaf Sliced
B301T 3 LB Sourdough Sand. Thick Sliced
B302 3 LB. Multigrain Sandwich Loaf
B302S 3 LB. Multigrain Sandwich Sliced
B302T 3 LB Multigrain Thick Sliced
B303 3 LB. Country Sandwich Loaf
B303S 3 LB. Country White Sliced
B303T 3 Lb Country White Thick Sliced
B304 3 LB. Sesame Wheat & Honey Sandwich Loaf
B304S 3 LB. Sesame Honey Sandwich Sliced
B304T 3 LB Sesame Honey Thick Sliced
B305 Old World rye 48oz
B305S 3 LB. Rye Sliced
B305T 3 LB Old World Rye Thick Sliced
B307 3 LB. Raisin Nut Sandwich Loaf
B307S 3 LB. Raisin Nut Sandwich Loaf Sliced
B310S 3 LB. Hearty Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf Sliced
B310T 3 LB Hearty Whole Wheat Thick Sliced
B311 Marble Rye 48oz
B402 Half Sheet Rosemary Focaccia
B406 Half Sheet Carmelized Onion Focaccia
B502 Cherry Vanilla Scone
B503 Maple Walnut Scone
B505 Assorted Scones
B506 Lemon Scone
B508 Pumpkin Cranberry Scone
B520 Assorted Mini Scones
B602 Square White Loaf Solid
B602S Square White Loaf Sliced
B602T Square White Loaf Thick Sliced
B603 Square Sourdough Loaf Solid
B603S Square Sourdough Loaf Sliced
B603T Square Sourdough Loaf Thick Sliced
B604 Square Whole Wheat Loaf Solid
B604S Square Whole Wheat Loaf Sliced
B604T Square Whole Wheat Loaf Thick Sliced
B605 Square Old World Rye Solid
B605S Square Old World Rye Sliced
B605T Square Old World Rye Thick Sliced
B606 Square Multigrain Loaf Solid
B606S Square Multigrain Loaf Sliced
B606T Square Multigrain Loaf Thick Sliced
B607 Square Sesame Honey Loaf Solid
B607S Square Sesame Honey Loaf Sliced
B607T Square Sesame Honey Loaf Thick Sliced
B608 Square Raisin Loaf Solid
B608S Square Raisin Loaf Sliced
B608T Square Raisin Loaf Thick Sliced
B609 Square Marble Rye Solid
B609S Square Marble Rye Sliced
B609T Square Marble Rye Thick Sliced
B611 Square Pumpernickel Solid
B611S Square Pumpernickel Sliced
B611T Square Pumpernickel Thick Sliced