Bring Aversa’s Italian Bakery’s Old World, quality Italian bread and rolls to your customers!
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A100 Hoagie Rolls (10-11")
A1001 South Philly Subs
A101 Special Hoagies (13-14")
A102 Mini Subs (8-9")
A103 Steak Rolls
A104 Torpedos
A105 Wheat Torpedos
A106 Kaiser Rolls
A107 Small Kaiser Rolls
A108 Hot Dogs
A109 6 Foot Hoagie
A110 Club Rolls
A111 French Bread
A112 Round Bread
A113 18" Subs Each
A114 Mini Subs Packaged
A115 Round Dinner Rolls
A116 Long Dinner Rolls
A117 Round Dinner Packaged
A118 Long Dinner Packaged
A119 Small Kaiser Packaged
A120 Kaiser Rolls Packaged
A121 Steak Rolls Packaged
A122 Small Kaiser Slc & Pack
A123 Kaiser Rolls Slc & Pack
A124 Round Dinner Roll with Sesame
A125 Hamburger Rolls
A126 Special Hoagies Packaged
A127 Hoagie Rolls Packaged
A128 Steak Rolls Packaged
A129 Mini Snowflake Rolls
A130 Seeded 18" Subs
A131 Catering Torpedo Roll
A132 Hamburger Sliced /Wrapped
A133 Hamburger Rolls Wrapped
A134 Mini Subs Sliced
A135 Kaiser Rolls Sliced
A136 Steak Rolls Sliced
A137 Packaged Minnie Subs Sliced
A139 Sliced Catering Torpedo
A140 Sliced Club Rolls
A142 16" Subs
A143 Flat Round Bread
A144 Pepperoni Bread
A145 Sliced & Packaged Catering Torpedo
A146 Packaged Catering Torpedo Rolls
A149 Steak Sliced and Packaged
A150 Hoagie Sliced and Packaged
A151 Italian Spollette Hoagies
A152 Seeded Spollette Hoagies
A153 Medium Splits
A154 Sesame Medium Split
A155 Sesame Long Split Bread
A156 Sliced Small Kaiser
A157 Sliced Torpedo
A158 Hoagie Rolls Sliced
A159 Italian Spollette Hoagie Sliced
A160 Mini Ham (No Flour)
A161 Sliced and Packed Torpedo rolls
A162 Wrapped Spollette Hoagie
A165 25 LBS. Bread Crumbs
A167 18" Whole Wheat Sub
A168 Poppy Seed Round Dinner
A169 Wrapped Club Rolls
A170 3 Foot Hoagie roll
A171 Large Hot Dog Rolls
A172 Wrapped Seeded Large Hot Dogs
A173 Wrapped Large Hot Dog Rolls
A174 Yeast
A175 Sliced & Wrapped Special Subs
A176 Sliced & Wrapped Spollette
A177 French Bread Special
A178 Sesame Long Dinner
A179 Ring Bread
A180 Extra Long Split
A181 High Top Round Bread
A182 Sliced & Wrapped Mini Snowflake Rolls
A183 Wrapped Hot Dog Rolls
A184 Large Ring Bread
A185 Mini Hamburger No Flour Wrapped
A186 French Special Donny Seeded
A187 Sliced & Packaged Club Rolls
A189 Whole Wheat Hoagie (10-11") Dz
A190 Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls
A191 Seeded South Philly Subs
A192 Seeded Old Fashion Bread
A193 Seeded Catering Torpedo Rolls
A194 Wrapped Seeded Hamburger Rolls
A195 Seeded Hamburger Rolls
A196 Pan Kaiser Rolls
A197 Snowflake Hamburger Roll
A198 Mini Hamburger Sesame Sliced
A199 Seeded Mini Subs
A201 Old Fashion Bread
A202 Snowflake 18" Sub
A203 16 oz. Dough Balls
A204 Wrapped Torpedo Rolls
A205 Seeded 16" Subs
A206 Wrapped Round Sesame Dinner
A207 Sliced Whole Wheat Hoagies
A208 Focaccia Sheet Thick
A209 Focaccia Buns
A211 Wrapped Focaccia Buns
A212 Mini Ham NO Flour Sliced & Wrapped
A213 Riverwind Dinner Rolls
A214 Focaccia Dinner Rolls
A215 Sliced Hamburger Rolls
A216 Seeded Special Hoagies