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LeBus is proud to offer a robust assortment of artisan baked goods using recipes created by David Braverman. Each loaf, roll, and pastry is still made by hand using only the finest, natural ingredients.
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L1015 Black Onion Boule Sliced (Thurs/Fri/Sat)
L1010 Black Onion Boule (Thurs/Fri/Sat)
L1205 3 LB Pumpernickel Sliced
L1610 2 LB. Marble Rye
L1615 2 LB. Marble Rye Sliced
L1620 3 LB Marble rye Solid
L1627 3 LB Marble Rye Sliced Thick
L1640 3 LB Plain Rye Solid
L1645 3 LB Rye sliced
L1646 3 LB. Rye Thick Sliced
L1660 2 LB. Rye Solid
L1670 3 LB. Seeded Rye Solid
L1675 3 LB. Seeded Rye Sliced
L2000 Mini Baguette
L2100 French Baguette
L2105 Cuban Bread
L2300 French Boule
L2305 French Boule Sliced
L2310 Petite Boule
L2400 Garlic Parmesan Baguette
L2600 Golden Wheat Sandwich Loaf
L2605 Golden Wheat Sandwich Loaf Sed
L2607 Golden Wheat Sandwich Thick Sliced
L2620 Deli Wheat Sandwich Solid
L2621 Deli Wheat Sandwich Sliced
L2901 Family Multigrain Loaf
L2902 Family Multigrain Loaf Sliced
L2910 Multigrain Sandwich Loaf
L2915 Multigrain Sandwich Loaf Sliced
L2916 Multigrain Sandwich Loaf Thick Sliced
L2919 Multigrain Baguette
L2923 Whole Grain Dinner Roll
L3105 Oatmeal Sesame Boule (Thurs/Friday/Saturday)
L3106 Oatmeal Sesame Boule Sliced (Thurs/Friday/Saturday)
L3700 Sourdough Boule
L3705 Sourdough Boule Sliced
L3720 Seeded Sourdough Baguette
L3800 Sourdough Sandwich Loaf Solid
L3805 Sourdough Sandwich Loaf Sliced
L3807 Sourdough Sandwich Loaf Thick Sliced
L4000 Olive Garlic and Cilantro Loaf (Thurs/Friday/Saturday)
L4001 Olive, Garlic, Cilantro Sandwich Loaf Solid (Thurs/Friday/Saturday)
L4002 Olive Garlic and Cilantro Loaf Sliced (Thurs/Friday/Saturday)
L4003 Olive, Garlic, Cilantro Sandwich Sliced (Thurs/Friday/Saturday)
L4004 Olive Dinner Roll (Thurs/Friday/Saturday)
L4005 Raisin Nut Loaf Solid
L4006 Raisin Nut Loaf Sliced
L4010 Raisin Nut Sandwich Loaf Solid
L4015 Raisin Nut Sandwich Loaf Sliced
L4100 Pumpkinseed Loaf Solid
L4105 Pumpkinseed Loaf Sliced
L4125 Pumpkinseed Dinner Roll
L4135 Pumpkinseed Sandwich Loaf Sliced
L4600 Brioche Sandwich Loaf
L4605 Brioche Sandwich Sliced
L4606 Brioche Sandwich Loaf Thick Sliced
L4780 Italian Family Sandwich Solid
L4781 Italian Family Sandwich Sliced
L4785 Italian Family Thick Sliced
L4802 Sundried Tomato Sandwich Loaf Solid (Thurs/Friday/Saturday)
L4805 Sundried Tomato Sandwich Loaf Sliced (Thurs/Friday/Saturday)
L4807 Sun-Dried Sandwich Loaf Thick Sliced (Thurs/Friday/Saturday)
L4808 Ciabatta Square Herb
L4809 Ciabatta Square Cheese
L4810 Italian Loaf
L4811 Italian Loaf Sliced
L4812 Demi Italian
L4815 Sundried Tomato Loaf Solid (Thurs/Friday/Saturday)
L4816 Sundried Tomato Loaf Sliced (Thurs/Friday/Saturday)
L4819 Country White Sandwich Loaf
L4821 Country White Sandwich Loaf Sliced
L4822 Country White Sandwich Thick Sliced
L4830 Stirato Loaf Solid
L4832 Panini
L4836 Ciabatta Square Plain
L4840 Rustic With Sesame Solid
L4860 Stirato Dinner Rolls (1.75oz.)
L4861 1/2 Size Stirato Dinner
L4865 Seeded Stirato Dinner Rolls
L5100 Challah Braid
L6200 Black Onion Dinner Roll (Thurs/Fri/Sat)
L6400 Multigrain Dinner Rolls
L6410 Multigrain Buns
L6430 Sourdough Dinner Roll
L6710 Raisin Nut Dinner Rolls
L7000 Half Sheet Garlic & Herb Focaccia
L7151 Golden Wheat Buns
L7205 Jewish Deli Onion Rolls
L7210 Onion & Poppy Ficelle
L7300 Crab Cake Brioche Buns
L7401 Brioche Dinner Rolls Plain
L7402 Brioche Dinner Rolls Poppy
L7403 Brioche Dinner Rolls Sesame
L7404 Brioche Dinner Rolls Onion
L7406 Brioche Slider Buns
L7407 Brioche Knot Rolls
L7408 Brioche Buns
L7412 Country White Sandwich Buns
L7413 Snowflake Dinner Roll
L7506 Round Tomato & Cheese Focaccia
L7507 Plain Round Focaccia
L7515 Flat Ciabatta Bread
L7900 Plain Bagel
L7902 Poppy Bagel
L7906 Sesame Bagel
L7908 Onion Bagel
L7912 Everything Bagel
L7914 Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
L7916 Cherry Apple Walnut Bagel
L7918 Black Onion Bagel
L7920 Multigrain Bagel
L8005 Blueberry Muffins
L8006 Carrot Nut Muffin
L8008 Lemon Poppy Muffins
L8009 Mighty Muffin
L8010 Berry Cobbler Muffin
L8015 Chocolate Chip Muffin
L8025 Apple Sauce Raisin Bran Muffin
L8035 Banana Walnut Muffin
L8040 Pumpkin Nut Muffin
L8045 Low Fat Banana Berry Muffin
L8050 Mini Assorted Muffins
L8070 Blueberry Scones
L8080 Apple Cranberry Scones
L8200 Butter Croissant
L8210 Almond Croissant
L8220 Chocolate Croissant
L8235 Mini Butter Croissants
L8237 Mini Chocolate Croissants
L8240 Cinnamon Swirl
L8245 Mini Cinnamon Swirl
L8250 Mini Apple Danish
L8251 Mini Cheese Danish
L8252 Mini Cherry Danish
L8255 Cherry Danish
L8256 Apple Danish
L8257 Cheese Danish
L8260 Palmiers
L8705 Chocolate Chip Cookie
L8715 Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
L8725 Chocolate Chocolate Chip
L8730 Peanut Butter Cookies
L8740 Brownie Sheet w/ nuts
L8741 Brownie 1/2 Sheet No Nuts
L8750 Macaroons
L8760 Mandelbrot
L8925 5 LB. Cranberry Walnut Loaf
L8945 5 LB. Pumpkin Loaf
L8955 5 LB. Banana Nut Loaf
L8956 5 LB. Blueberry Pound Loaf
L8958 5 LB. Carrot Nut Loaf
L8960 5 LB. Marble Pound Cake
L8971 5 LB. Iced Lemon Loaf
L8976 White Irish Soda Bread
L8978 Brown Irish Soda Bread