For over 20 years, Liscio’s Bakery has been baking breads, rolls, pastries and cakes with unmatched quality and unbeatable flavor. In addition to our hearth-baked breads and rolls, we also provide a wide variety of desserts to restaurants, retail outlets, country clubs and the area’s best sandwich shops! Liscio’s Bakery is still a family-run business, and we still strive every day for the same quality, consistency and enthusiasm that was used to bake our very first loaf of bread.
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L80 12 Pack Hamburger Rolls Sliced
L45 Packaged Steak Rolls
P78 Italian Hoagie Sliced and Packaged
L08 Small Kaiser Rolls
P77 Kaiser Rolls Sliced & Packaged
P78 Steak Rolls Sliced & Packaged
L15 Jersey Seeded Sub
L05 Mini Subs
L11 18" Subs
L12 Seeded 18" Subs
L13 20" Sub Roll
L33 Kaiser Rolls Packaged
P75 Italian Hoagie Packaged
L03 Reg Hoagie
L04 Italian Hoagies (10-11")
B14 Italian Hoagie Sliced
L01 Steak Rolls
L06 Kaiser Rolls
L05 Mini Subs Sliced
L30 Steak Rolls Sliced
L02 Torpedo Rolls
L09 Catering Torpedo
L90 Full Sheet Cornbread (2 Day Notice)
L20 Little Nicky Rolls
L21 Medium Kaiser Rolls
L22 Club Rolls
L25 Small Italian Hoagie
L35 Special Hoagies (13")
L36 Wrapped Special Hoagies (13")
L37 Hot Dog Rolls
L38 Split Top Hot Dog Rolls
L40 Whole Wheat Hoagie Rolls
L50 Long Dinner Rolls
L52 Round Dinner Rolls
L61 Wrapped Mini Subs
L65 Small Kaisers Wrapped