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For over a century, Oteri’s Italian Bakery has been the proud purveyor of quality baked goods in the best Italian tradition, right here in Philadelphia. Since 1904, our original recipes have graced the tables of generation after generation of families, celebrating weddings, birthdays and special occasions of all kinds.
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O260 Vanilla Custard Cannoli
O259 Mini Chocolate Cannoli
O258 Medium Danish
O199 Lemon Danish Wrapped
O257 1 LB. Cookies
O261 9" Italian Rum
O256 3 LB. Italian Cookie Tray
O255 5 LB Italian Cookie Tray
O254 Wrapped Cinnamon Buns w/raisins
O117 Banana Muffins
O253 XL Cinnamon Buns w/nuts Wrapped
O252 Cinnamon Buns w/nuts Wrapped
O251 Full Sheet Chocolate Cake
O249 Tea Biscuit
O250 Biscotti Cookie (Per Pound)
O244 Wrapped Blueberry Danish
O243 Blueberry Danish
O208 Lemon Danish
O206 Pineapple Danish
O119 CherryMuffin Cherry Muffin
O243 CocoCustPie Coconut Custard Pie
O012 Assorted Muffins
O011 Coconut Macaroons
O100 Corn Muffin
O102 Blueberry Muffin
O103 Blueberry Muffin Wrapped
O104 Raisin Bran Muffin
O105 Raisin Bran Muffin Wrapped
O106 Bran Muffin
O107 Bran Muffin Wrapped
O108 Cranberry Muffin
O109 Cranberry Muffin Wrapped
O110 Lemon Poppy Muffins
O112 Apple Muffins Wrapped
O113 Apple Muffins
O114 Chocolate Chip Muffins Wrapped
O115 Chocolate Chip Muffins
O116 Banana Muffins Wrapped
O118 Cherry Muffins Wrapped
O150 Assorted Danish
O151 Assorted Danish Wrapped
O152 Cheese Danish
O153 Apple Danish Wrapped
O154 Cheese Danish Wrapped
O155 Cherry Danish
O156 Cherry Danish Wrapped
O157 Apple Danish
O200 Assorted Bear Claws
O201 Large Eclairs
O202 Assorted Mini Muffins
O203 Cheese Cannoli
O204 10" Cheese Cake
O205 Pineapple Danish Wrapped
O207 Wrapped Lemon Danish
O209 Assorted Mini Muffins
O210 Cinnamon Buns
O211 Extra Large Cinnamon Buns Wrapped
O212 Cinnamon Buns Wrapped
O213 Cinnamon Buns w/raisins
O214 Cinnamon Bun w/nuts
O215 Tray Mini Danish
O216 Tray Mini Cinnamon Buns
O217 Apple Turnover
O222 Mini Eclairs
O223 Mini Cheese Cannoli
O224 Mini Fruit Tart
O232 Apple Pie
O233 Assorted Muffins
O234 Chocolate Cannoli
O235 Cream Puffs
O236 Apple Danish
O237 Medium Special Danish
O238 Lemon Meringue Pie
O239 Blueberry Pie
O240 Cherry Pie
O241 Pumpkin Pie
O242 French Apple Pie
O262 XL Assorted Jumbo Muffins
O263 Wrapped XL Assorted Jumbo Muffins
O266 XL Cinnamon Buns
O280 XL Jumbo Corn Muffins
O282 XL Jumbo Blueberry Muffins
O284 XL Jumbo Chocolate Chip Muffins
O286 XL Jumbo Bran Muffins
O287 Mini Vanilla Cannoli
O288 XL Jumbo Banana Muffins
O289 XL Jumbo Apple Muffins
O292 XL Jumbo Double Chocolate Muffins
O295 XL Jumbo Lemon Poppy Muffins
O306 XL Jumbo Carrot Muffins
O307 XL Jumbo Morning Glory Muffins
O311 Wrapped XL Jumbo Corn Muffins
O308 Wrapped XL Jumbo Double Chocolate Muffins
O309 Wrapped XL Jumbo Blueberry Muffins
O310 Wrapped XL Jumbo Chocolate Chip Muffins
O290 Assorted Donuts
O291 Glazed Donuts
O298 Chocolate Iced Donuts
O299 Boston Cream Donuts
O300 Jelly Sugar Donuts
O301 Vanilla Iced Donuts
O302 Powdered White Cream Donuts
O303 Powdered Jelly Donuts
O293 Mini Cream Puffs
O297 3" Fruit Tart