Conshohocken Italian Bakery has used nothing but the finest ingredients in all of its products since the beginning. It's one of the reasons we've been so successful! Whether you're ordering for your restaurant, pizzeria, or picking up bread for dinner tonight, we know you'll be satisfied.
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C097 Sliced Steak
C098 Flat Round Bread Each
C099 Poppy Seed Kaiser
C100 Steak Rolls
C101 Hoagie Rolls
C102 Kaiser Rolls
C103 Small Steak Rolls
C104 Small Hoagie Rolls
C105 Medium Kaiser Rolls
C106 Specials (16")
C107 French Bread
C108 Long Dinner Rolls
C109 Round Dinner Rolls
C110 Seeded Small Hoagies
C114 Sesame Small Hamburger Bun
C115 Large Hamburger
C116 Small Hamburger Rolls
C117 Shads
C118 Special French Bread
C119 Seeded Shad
C120 Hot Dog Rolls
C121 Potato Hot Dog Rolls
C122 Small Potato Hamburger Rolls
C123 Large Potato Hamburger Roll
C124 Seeded Hoagie Rolls
C130 Pan Football Rolls
C131 Football Rolls
C132 Seeded Football Rolls
C135 Baby Kaisers
C136 Sliced Baby Kaiser
C140 Special Shads
C141 Seeded Special Shads
C145 Zep
C150 1/4 Sheet Tomato Pie
C151 1/2 Sheet Tomato Pie
C152 Full Sheet Tomato Pie
C155 Garlic Bread
C160 Seed Specials (dz)
C161 20 oz Rye
C165 Large Hamburger Rolls w/Sesame
C170 Yeast
C171 Sliced Hoagies
C172 Sliced Kaiser Rolls
C173 Sliced Small Steaks
C174 Sliced Small Hoagie