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Cacia's has been a South Philadelphia tradition for over 50 years.

Cacia's is still family owned and operated, (we are into the 4th generation), and we have one of the last brick oven bakeries left in Philadelphia.
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I100 Steak Rolls
I101 Hoagie Rolls
I103 Hamburger Rolls
I104 Kaiser
I105 Long French Bread
I106 Seeded French Bread
I110 Bread Sticks
I111 Garlic Bread Sticks
I112 Long Dinner Rolls
I115 Pepperoni Stromboli
I116 Steak Stromboli
I120 Tomato Pie Full Sheet
I121 White Pie Full Sheet
I125 Full Sheet Pizzaz
I126 Half Sheet Pizzaz
I130 1 LB. Dough Balls
I135 Full Sheet Focaccia